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Ross AC, Stoc CA, Adams-Smith D, Dixon K, Findell KL, Saba V, Vogt B.  2021.  |Anthropogenic Influences on Extreme Annual Streamflow into Chesapeake Bay from the Susquehanna River in “Explaining Extremes of 2019 from a Climate Perspective". Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc. 102(1):S25-S32.
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Gallo B, et al., Zhou L, Alexander C.  2021.  Exploring Convection-Allowing Model Evaluation Strategies for Severe Local Storms Using the Finite-Volume Cubed-Sphere (FV3) Model Core. Weather Forecast. 36:3-19.
Lee M., Stock CA, Shevliakova E., Malyshev S., Milly P.C.D..  2021.  Globally prevalent land nitrogen memory amplifies water pollutionfollowing drought years. Environmental Research Letters. 16(1):014049.
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Schiavone J., Gao K., Robinson D., .Johnsen P, Gerbush M..  2021.  Large Roll Vortices Exhibited by Post-Tropical Cyclone Sandy during Landfall. Atmosphere. 12:259.
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DeLang M, Becker J;, Chang K-L, Serre M, Cooper O, et al..  2021.  Mapping yearly fine resolution global surface ozone through the Bayesian Maximum Entropy data fusion of observations and model output for 1990–2017. Environmental Science & Technology. 55(8):4389–4398.
Ross A.C, Najjar R.G, Li M..  2021.  A Metamodel-Based Analysis of the Sensitivity and Uncertainty of the Response of Chesapeake Bay Salinity and Circulation to Projected Climate Change. Estuaries and Coasts. 44:70-87.
Spingys C.P, Garabato A.C.Naveira, Legg S., et al..  2021.  Mixing and Transformation in a Deep Western Boundary Current: A Case Study. Journal of Physical Oceanography. 51(4):1205–1222.