Welcome CIMES 2022 Summer Interns

May 23, 2022

Welcome to our summer interns, who will be working in-person this summer:

Allan Cruz (University of Puerto Rico), hosted by Ming Zhao and Steve Garner
Project: A Study of Changes in Atmospheric Blocking Statistics in Response to Global Warming Using GFDL GCMs

Juleanna De La Cruz (UCLA), hosted by Alex Huth and Olga Sergienko
Project: Interactions between Ice shelves, Calving, Icebergs, and Climate

Josephine Elumeze (LaGuardia Community College), hosted by Tom Robinson
Project: Climate Cloud Containers Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery (C5-id)

Gavin Fry (Dartmouth University), hosted by Bor-Ting Jong and Tom Delworth
Project: Increase in the U.S. Northeast Extreme Precipitation: Past, Present, and Future

Maximus Sasser (University of Oklahoma), hosted by Mingjing Tong
Project: Evaluating Observation Innovation of Surface Temperature and Humidity for the Assimilation of the Observations in GFDL SHiELD Model

Megan Schaaf (University of Wisconsin), hosted by Baoqiang Xiang
Project: Tracking the Origins of the Forecast Errors for the Madden-Julian Oscillation

All of the interns will be spending eight weeks conducting project-based research this summer.