Welcome CIMES 2021 Summer Interns

May 10, 2021

Welcome to our summer interns who will be working remotely this summer:

Kanoe Aiu (Stanford University), hosted by Brandon Reichl, Alistair Adcroft, and Stephen Griffies
Project: Validating Ocean Surface Mixed Layer Variability in GFDL’s OM4

Victor Araya (St. Cloud University, MN), hosted by Xiaosong Yang
Project: On the Structure of Extreme Winter Storms in the Greater New York

Tyler Barbero (University of California, San Diego), hosted by Jan-Huey Chen
Evaluating the Impacts of Initial Conditions on Hurricane Movement in the High-Resolution Global Models

Blaise Enama (Hunter College), hosted by Andrew Ross and Charles Stock
Project: Forecasting Estuarine and Coastal Salinity to Improve Fisheries Management and Aquaculture Productivity

Nuzhat Khan (Hunter College), hosted by Alex Huth, Alistair Adcroft, and Olga Sergienko
Project: Modeling Tabular Iceberg Evolution

Zouberou Sayibou (Bronx Community College), hosted by Maike Sonnewald and Aparna Radhakrishnan
Project: ENSO: Revealing Ocean-Related El Nino Southern Oscillation Dynamics in Climate Models

*Mackenzie Blanusa (University of Connecticut) opted for a spring 2021 internship. She was hosted by Aparna Radhakrishnan, Chris Blanton, and Raphael Dussin.
Project: A CMIP6 Multimodel Analysis of Ocean Heat Content Using Scalable and Efficient Open-Source Software

We also welcome Stella Heflin (University of Arizona Honors College), who was recruited through the CIMES internship, but will be supported by NOAA-EPP.  She will be hosted by Lucas Harris and Kun Gao.
Project: Diurnal Cycles over the Maritime Continent

All of the interns will be spending 8-10 weeks conducting project-based research virtually this summer.