Welcome CIMES 2020 Summer Interns

June 1, 2020

Welcome to our summer interns who will be working remotely this summer:

Quiana Berry (Bronx Community College), hosted by Jessica Luo & Liz Drenkard
Project: Modeling Mechanisms of Coral Thermal Refugia

Akira Di Sandro (Oberlin College), hosted by Marion Alberty
Project: Validating Tropical Pacific Circulation in GFDL Ocean Models

Avery Barnett (Grinnell College), hosted by Brandon Reichl
Project: Ocean Surface Waves under Landfalling Hurricanes

Several other interns have opted to postpone their internships until the fall, spring '21, or summer '21.

All of the interns will be spending 8-10 weeks conducting project-based research either virtually or at GFDL on the Forrestal Campus of Princeton University.