Meet Our Newest Arrivals

Monday, May 2, 2022


Benjamin Le Roy

Benjamin joins CIMES from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), as a postdoctoral research associate working with Keith Dixon. Benjamin's research involves developing modeling techniques, testing, and the analysis of multi-decadal downscaled climate projections used in heat and human health applications, with an emphasis on urban regions of the northeastern United States.

Zachary Labe

Zack joins CIMES from Colorado State University, as a postdoctoral research associate working with Nate Johnson and Tom Delworth. Zack's research will center on conducting analyses to improve our understanding of the causes of droughts and temperature extremes and advancing our ability to rapidly identify and attribute such extreme events in near real-time.

Marco Corrales

Marco joins CIMES from the University of Oregon, as a postdoctoral research associate working with Jessica Luo and Charlie Stock. Marco's research will focus on evaluating the global size distribution of marine plankton and particles, using models and observations.

Timothy Merlis

Tim joins CIMES from McGill University as HPC Manager. He is responsible for the management and further development of the HPC resources and activities at CIMES; and in consultation with the CIMES director develops novel and innovative initiatives and projects to advance CIMES' scientific mission.

Mingyu Park

Mingyu joins CIMES from Penn State, as a postdoctoral research associate working with Tom Delworth and Nathaniel Johnson. Mingyu's research will involve evaluating the physical processes, predictability, and changes of atmospheric stationary waves and their links to regional climate extremes.

Shuai Wang

Shuai joins CIMES from Imperial College, London, as an associate research scholar working with Tom Delworth and Hiroyuki Murakami. Shuai's research will center on the mechanisms controlling tropical cyclone (hurricane) location and trajectory and on estimating the potential effect of anthropogenic forcing on tropical cyclone location.