At the Frontline: Princeton Environmental Forum Addresses Climate Crises

Oct. 30, 2019

In response to the urgent environmental challenges facing the planet, Princeton faculty and alumni who are working to protect the environment gathered for the Princeton Environmental Forum held on campus Oct. 24-25. They came with knowledge, questions and an eagerness to share ideas from the frontlines of science leadership and environmental advocacy.

Nearly 700 people attended the event, which centered around a series of discussions featuring 40 speakers in Richardson Auditorium, among them CIMES Director Gabe Vecchi and AOS Alumni Jane Baldwin and Joe Majkut. These scientists, policymakers, scholars, authors, and artists and filmmakers delved into the latest research, policies and action related to the impact of extreme weather, the loss of biodiversity, water and food security in a warming climate, and communicating science to the public.

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