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Employee Resources

Publication Acknowledgement

NOAA: This report was prepared by [your name] under award [to be inserted] from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or the U.S. Department of Commerce.

CIMES Award 7/1/18-6/30/24 - NA18OAR4320123
CIMES Award 7/1/23-6/30/28 - NA23OAR4320198

Please check with AOS Grants Manager, Karina Castillo, [email protected] if you have questions on which award you have been supported.


AOS-Princeton Travel Policy


All travel should be pre-approved by the individual’s technical host or supervisor before making plans. This can be done verbally or via email.

All travel expenses, including but not limited to lodging, airfare, mileage, train, registration fee, abstract fee, and meal related expenses must be substantiated and submitted for approval within 60 days after the expense is incurred. It is not necessary to wait until the completion of travel to submit an expense report. You can submit several travel reimbursement forms for the same trip.

If substantiation occurs more than 60 calendar days after the expenses were incurred, the expense reimbursement request must include an explanation for the delay. At the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty, reimbursement requests beyond the 60-day limit may or may not be approved, and the reimbursement will be reported to the IRS as taxable income paid to the individual. Note that for expenses incurred while traveling, the traveler will have 60 calendar days upon returning from travel to substantiate and submit the expenses. This does not apply to expenses incurred before the trip (e.g. airfare, registration fees, etc.) which must be substantiated and submitted within 60 days of incurring the expense.

If you are taking vacation before or after your travel (foreign or domestic), you must obtain a cost itinerary for the airfare portion of your travel based on the cost if you had only attended the meeting/conference. Princeton will reimburse the lower airfare cost. Per policy, we will reimburse lodging while attending a conference a maximum of one day before and one day after conference.

For meals, please save and submit all receipts. Additionally, we will need the itemized restaurant receipts as your credit card receipt does not include adequate information.  Also, please note, Princeton policy states that the actual daily expenses claimed should be reasonable and appropriate and typically should not be more than $75 for domestic travel and $125 for international travel, EXCEPT UNDER RARE SITUATIONS. The key word is reasonable. In fact, other departments at Princeton actually use a much lower limit for allowable meal expense, especially when costs are being reimbursed by grant funded projects.  No alcohol can be charged to a government project. Airfare should only be booked for economy/economy plus class as Business and/or First Class airfare WILL NOT be reimbursed. If you have airline points, you can upgrade.  Seat upgrades are not allowed, but again, if you have airline points, you can upgrade.  Travel insurance WILL NOT be reimbursed.

For foreign airfare, travelers can use a foreign carrier to EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Japan, Australia and Switzerland. Please see the attached information or the link at https://finance.princeton.edu/gifts-sponsored-research/sponsored-resear…. Canada and Mexico are considered foreign travel and must abide by the Fly America Act. For travelers supported by NOAA/CIMES or other NOAA funds, prior approval for use of any foreign carrier is required BEFORE flights are booked. Please contact Kit Chandler, [email protected].

Important Change about Flights to the United Kingdom (UK):
As of January 1, 2021, The United Kingdom (U.K.) is no longer a member of the EU. Consequently, the Open Skies Agreement with the EU does not pertain to the U.K. Travelers must use a U.S. Flag Carrier to travel from the U.S. to the U.K. and not a U.K. airline (e.g., British Airways), unless they qualify for a different Fly America Act exception. Travelers may continue to use an EU agreement for travel from the U.S. to the U.K. as long as the flight stops in the EU prior to arrival in the U.S. or the U.K.  Booking flight reservations outside of Concur/World Travel and NOT flying on a U.S. Flag Carrier, requires use of the Fly America Act Waiver Checklist.

All members of the Princeton University community, including faculty and staff, are required to enroll the details of domestic and international University-sanctioned travel with the Global Safety & Security (GS&S) office.

To meet this requirement, travelers must use the 'Enroll My Trip' tool.

Click here to get started enrolling a trip. 

Download the Quick Start Guide

Business Expense Reimbursement Guidelines

*If you would like Anna Valerio to set-up/prepare your report, please send receipts to [email protected]. The following instructions will need to be completed in Concur as she will need access. Log in with your Princeton NetID and password.

Directions for Setting up Assistant/Arranger 

• Under Profile (upper righthand corner), select Profile Settings. 

• On the left-hand side under travel setting select Assistants/Arrangers select +Add an Assistant, type Anna Valerio. Select Anna Valerio and save. 

• Under Expense Setting, select expense delegates, select add, enter Anna Valerio, and click add. Then below check off the following boxes: “can prepare” and “can view receipts.”

*If you would like to prepare your own report, please follow the instructions in the link below.

Concur Expense Report Instructions

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